IMEI Registration: August 31 is last date for dual SIM mobile users, PTA

Regarding the International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI registration, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority revealed that dual SIM mobile phone users should do the registration before August 31.

For the IMEI registration of dual SIM mobile, PTA issued the guideline along with the final deadline of August 31. If one IMEI is registered whereas other is not then you can send email at [email protected] with the required details. However, here are the details that will be required for the IMEI registration:

  • Applicant’s contact details
  • Screenshot of mobile box displaying IMEI(s)
  • CNIC Copy
  • Screen shot of mobile phone displaying all programmed IMEI

PTA will do the evaluation of all requests, and will register the validated cases accordingly. However, the 2nd IMEI can’t be registered after 31 August 2019.

Mobile phone users are advised to get all IMEIs of their devices that are registered with PTA. On the other side, you can check the status of your mobile phone by simply dialing the 15 digit IMEI code on the short code 8484.


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