Jazz Becomes the Biggest Telecom Network of Pakistan with 55 mn Users


Jazz again rises on top as it becomes the largest telecom network of Pakistan.

Jazz has now 55 million customers which moved it to the top position among Pakistani telecommunication companies. Mobilink and Warid Telecom merged in a single network and it significantly enhanced the users’ base of both networks.

Most likely, Jazz has presented better services for people and has won their hearts by organizing special days for customers. However, this is the motivation behind why an ever increasing number of people are moving towards the telecom operator. The company said thanks to its users for helping it accomplishes this point of reference.

Jazz is good to go to proceed with Mobilink’s authority in the broadcast communications field. However, it is by leading an advanced upheaval in the nation through presentation of imaginative administrations and items. The brand’s definitive objective is to enable each native of Pakistan in the present quick paced advanced economy through its great products and services.

Since the merger with Warid Telecom, Jazz and VEON Ltd. have been on a way of reexamination. By shedding its physical structure to present new corporate qualities, strong control, and consistence system, a lean, lithe working model, and an essentially lessened cost base, the thought is to present more supported development.


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