Leaked ZTE Iceberg Will be the First Phone with Two Notches


According to sources, ZTE is going to launch its unique smartphone named ZTE Iceberg. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is going to doubling down on its unique notch design in an elegant looking smartphone concept.

It would be an Android smartphone with two notches. Initially, iPhone X and Essential Phone were launched with display notches. However, different smartphone manufacturers are now adopting the trend.

Key Design Details

ZTE Iceberg will have a seamless glass connection technology that will combine two glass pieces into a single unibody. However, it will make the phone resemble the ice fragment. All corners of the smartphone will be transparent and will enhance the essential beauty of the glassy material. In addition, speakers will be also present on the phone’s front side and will be also equipped with the wireless charging technology. An advanced notch screen will ensure that both sides of the screen can offer the interactive function that would be much quick and convenient.

When ZTE Iceberg Will Available for Sale?

People should have to wait for its release as they cannot buy this phone in 2018. The release will take around 13 to 24 months of development. ZTE has already shown its high standard with the manufacturing of Axon 7 and dual screen Axon M.


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