Mobile phone prices in Pakistan will go up by Rs20,000 as govt rise duty


The government raised the import duty that will affect the mobile phone prices in Pakistan in coming days.

Mobile phone prices in Pakistan are expected to increase by Rs 20,000 as import duty is increased by15% to 44-52 pc.

Karachi Electronic Dealers Association or KEDA revealed that income tax rates, General Sales Tax (GST), duties, and levy on the mobile phone imports are now increased. On the other side, the condition related to the Type Approval is also imposed on the used mobile phones imports.

KEDA President Muhammad Rizwan said in this regard that the decision bb the federal government will possibly increase the mobile phone prices in Pakistan by Rs 20,000.

Earlier, Mobile phone registration deadline is also extended till January 25.  In addition, phones which will be snatched or theft will be blocked immediately. However, DIRBS or Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System will automatically identify illegal, fake, sub-standard, and smuggled phones.


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