Nokia 6.1 Review, Price, Specifications, Key Details


New Nokia 6.1 is released with some key updates than its predecessor.

Nokia 6.1 released and it is an updated version of Nokia 6. The inclusion of 18:9 display and USB Type-C port are some features that users demanded from the previous model.

Display and Design

Regardless it carries on a similar outline dialect as a year ago’s model and really enhances over it. This year you have another section of aluminum that feels rough in the hand and feels like as though it could survive a couple of drops as well.


Some key changes are made regarding the performance of Nokia 6.1. The most recent year’s model accompanied a Snapdragon 430, be that as it may, this year we have an all the more intense Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 octa-core chipset alongside 4GB of RAM. Nokia claims that the new 6.1 has around 60% preferable execution over a year ago’s model, and that is an immense bounce.


The camera on the new Nokia 6.1 continues as before as a year ago’s model with the exception of the Carl Zeiss marking on the focal point. You have the same 16MP sensor alongside a LED streak on the back while on the front you have a 8MP camera. Be that as it may, this doesn’t mean it’s a terrible thing since the camera execution of a year ago’s Nokia 6 was likewise entirely great.


The battery on the Nokia 6.1 is 3,000mAh cell which is scarcely enough to keep the telephone fueled for the duration of the day.

Nokia 6.1 Price and Availability in Pakistan

Nokia 6.1 is available in Pakistan in two variants that are 3 GB / 32 GB and 4 GB / 64 GB. The 3 GB / 32 GB variant is available at Rs 24,000 while 4 GB / 64 GB variant is available at Rs 33,700.


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