PTA blocked 800000 websites in 2 years over objectionable content


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or PTA blocked 800000 websites in 2 years.

PTA blocked websites and webpages due to blasphemous, anti-state, and other objectionable content. However, PTA revealed the statistics to Senate Standing Committee on IT & Telecom last week.

The step was taken under the Prevention from Electronic Crime Act (PECA), 2016.

The blocked sites, pages and video channels contained anti-state, anti-judiciary, blasphemous, defamatory, pornographic, proxy or sectarian/hate speech. In the last two years, PTA blocked 769,870 pornographic sites or pages, and 5,064 websites or web pages with anti-state content and 4,528 with anti-judiciary content.

PTA has developed an e-portal through which the stakeholder organizations can lodge complaints. There are 30 federal and provincial government organizations that are counted as stakeholders and have the direct access to the portal to register complaints.

Both YouTube and Twitter have provided PTA with dedicated portal access for lodging complaints directly. People can file complaints on [email protected]


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