PTA Blocked More Than 6000 Websites in Pakistan


Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) blocked over 6,000 websites.

PTA blocked around 6,149 websites on the report of Web Evaluation Cell (WEC). However, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony initially developed the cell. WEC ordered to analyze websites promoting content containing objectionable matter and sectarianism issues.

WEC has so far assessed 46,200 websites. Out of which 15,481 complaints were sent to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. What’s more, accordingly, 6,149 websites were obstructed by the PTA. In March, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had educated the Court that around 0.4 million sites advancing disgusting substance obstructed by PTA.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority additionally expressed that because of specialized restrictions, the total blockage of foul material on the web isn’t conceivable continuously, yet by utilizing substitute specialized techniques the decline is conceivable. It was educated that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had just started ventures for mindfulness by asking for the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to find a way to introduce reasonable channels in all instructive, specialized and professional foundations where free access to the web is available.


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