Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Overview, Price, and Release Date in Pakistan


The rumors and leaks about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are constantly coming. The device is believed to be bigger than the Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9. However, the expected size is 6.4 inch along with the larger 4,000mAh battery. The HDR Video Recording and in-screen fingerprint sensor are also expected. Some technical experts believe that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will give tough time to iPhone X2 phones that are expected to launch in August or September.

In-screen Fingerprint Sensor

The in-screen fingerprint sensor is the long-awaited feature. According to sources, Samsung is working on different in-screen solutions and will probably utilize one of them. However, it would also create space for a larger battery.

Memory and Storage

Snapdragon 845 chipset is expected along with the memory of 6GB of RAM. It would be an Android-based phone with version Android 8.1.

Enhanced Face Scanning

Flagship device enthusiasts are expecting advanced face ID system from Samsung. However, recently, iPhone X’s Face ID got much popularity among the smartphone users. Samsung Fans want a better option than the Apple’s latest feature.

Price and Availability

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be expected to release in August 2018. The expected price would be around $929 (107,554 Pakistani Rupees). It would be also available in physical stores in Pakistan.


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