Samsung Galaxy S10 Featuring Ceramic Back Will be Available for Sale


Four different models of Samsung Galaxy S10 are in pipeline.

The most basic model will feature a 5.8 inches screen, single rear camera, and it may not have a fingerprint reader on the screen. The device will be available in white, black, yellow, and green colors.

There will also be two other models with 5.8 inches screen size and 6.44 inches screen with double and triple rear cameras respectively. These variants will be offered in degraded colors.

The fourth model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be an absolute “beast” in terms of specifications. It will have a 6.66 inches screen size, quad rear camera, double front camera and support for 5G super fast internet.

Undoubtedly, this will be the high-end model, which will not only come with probably 512 GB of storage but with a black and white ceramic finish.

In recent years, when Xiaomi has been using ceramic finishes for quiet sometime, Samsung has remained faithful to glass. This material offers a more sophisticated appearance, and on the hardness scale it is slightly below the diamond and sapphire.

It is worth to mention that reportedly Samsung will equip its Galaxy S10 phone with a 3D detection module based on TOF (Time-Of-Flight), which is a technology that calculates depth by measuring the amount of time that infrared light takes to reach the subject and be reflected.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is scheduled for February next year but it is possible that the model with 5G network support does not arrive until March 2019.


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