Tax on single mobile will be applied on passengers coming from abroad


Customs now also charging tax on single mobile from passengers that are coming from abroad.

After the new policy, the tax on single mobile also became applicable. Now, according to the government officials, passengers traveling from abroad have to pay tax on bringing new phone even if it is only a single set of mobile phone.

Taxes are to be applicable from July 1 2019. The phone should be registered if one is bringing it for the first time the officials said. If the phone is not registered it will only work for a period of 60 days that is also with one sim. Phone will be blocked after the period of time given to get registered if it will still remain unregistered.

If the value of the phone is more than $500, the amount of 31,000 (thirty one thousand) PKR has to be paid.

Tax will not be imposed if paid once, said the officials.


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