There are 151 Million Mobile Users in Pakistan: Report


The number of mobile users in Pakistan has reached 151 million by the end of July 2018.

There is an upward trend witnessed in mobile users in Pakistan with each passing month.

The Telecom sector is one of the fastest growing segments of Pakistan’s economy as The Telecom industry has seen a dramatic increase in mobile broadband as well, as penetration over the past five years as mobile broadband subscribers reach 57.32 billion with teledensity of 27.73 on the other hand Basic Telephony subscriber 3 million with 1.30 percent Teledensity.

Mobile broadband users remain significantly higher than fixed broadband user to the dominance of the mobile platform in the country.

The statistics issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have showed that number of mobile phone users reached 151 million by July 2018, as compared to 145.99 million by end of January 2018.

The official of the Ministry said, speaking with state-run wire service, 4G network rollouts continue across the country, By 2017 over 30 percent of Pakistan population was covered by a 4G network.

Pakistan has seen a dramatic increase in mobile broadband penetration over the past five years with market penetration increasing from below one percent in 2012 to 24 percent in 2017.


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