US Government Warns Allies Not to Use Huawei Products

US government has warned its all allies against using Chinese company Huawei products.

In case you are wondering if the fight between Chinese company Huawei and US government has come to an end, then you are sadly mistaken!

After a short period of silence, a new set of breaking reports came to light which reveals that US is still angry with Chinese company Huawei.

Huawei is increasingly far from realizing the American dream.

Last month, a pair of U.S. Senator sent a letter to Justin Trudeau, telling the Canadian Prime Minister that he should prevent any Huawei products technology from being used in the build-out of Canadas 5G Network.

The letter was sent some months after U.S. lawmakers who recommended Canada to take the manufacturer as a threat for national security. Today a new report from Wall Street reveals that the U.S. lawmakers have decided to extend its warning to all of its allies.

The battle begun in 2012 when US policymakers considered both Huawei and ZTE to be threats for National Security.

According to them, both the Chinese manufacturers were in the country only to spy data from Americans in order to send it to the Chinese government.

Earlier on this year, the US government stopped the AT&T and Verizon from selling the Huawei Mate 10 Pro in their official stores through contract plans. This action forced the Chinese firm to give up from U.S market, for the time being.

US has been warning its allies including Italy, Germany, and Japan to not to use Huawei products.

USA is so committed in this that is promising financial aid to countries to promote telecommunications development if they promise to not rely on the Chinese companys technology.

While in North America, Nokia and Ericsson are the current leaders of networking equipment, Huawei is the leader of Europe and the Asian-pacific market.

Huawei products reached a 22% share of the global telecom-equipment worldwide. Nokia and Ericsson follow with 13% and 11% respectively, while ZTE has a 10% slice of the cake.

Over the years both Huawei and ZTE denied that their products are collecting information for the Chinese government, but US refuses to believe.

The Chinese firm published a report saying that surprised by the behaviors of the U.S. government. If a governments behavior extends beyond its jurisdiction, such activity should not be encouraged.

This comes in a period when United States and China are engaged in a long commercial battle, and after the whole fiasco involving the Chinese firm ZTE and its violation of sanctions.

Inquisitively, ZTE managed to lift this ban and is already commercializing in the country, while Huawei is still far from landing there.



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