Zong 4G Recognized As A Leader in Customer Care


Zong 4G has been recognized as a pioneer in customer care.

Undoubtedly, Zong 4G is also Pakistan’s No.1 Customer Care Company.

In order to meet the ever increasing demands of today’s digital-savvy consumers, Zong 4G is looking after its customers in the right way, at the right time, through the right channels.

According to the statistics released by PTA, Zong 4G has been recognized as an ‘industry leader’ in the customer care with a score of 100% redressal of customer queries.

Zong 4G is continuously strengthening its customer care platforms to provide the finest services to its customers.

Zong 4G’s dedicated teams are working 24/7 to provide first-hand care for customer’s queries at all fronts.

Through adaptation of innovative and advanced technologies, Zong 4G’s contact centers, Smart IVR and E- care platforms are operational 24 hours to listen, address and resolve the queries raised by customers.

Zong 4G values what customer’s feel, what they experience which eventually drives the company towards continuous innovation and modernization.

According to the Zong officials, “Our customers are the foremost priority.  We remain committed to providing widest and unmatched 4G connectivity, best solutions and unrivaled customer care services. By hosting the largest 4G subscriber base, we aim to leverage our leadership through our technological advancement and state of art network to ensure the unprecedented experience for customers.”

Zong 4G’s customer-focused approach is a testimony of its commitment to offer the best 4G network to its customers. Through innovative breakthroughs, Zong 4G is leading Pakistan to a high-tech future.


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