Amir Liaquat Back on BOL for Special Transmission


Amir Liaquat is back, that is right, he will be hosting a special transmission on BOL network. Amir Liaquat has always been the centre of attention for people, whether as a meme on social media or for his special antics that he previewed on TV shows. He has been on different channels hosting shows of different caliber but his last TV show was ‘Aisey Nahi Chalay Ga’ on the channel BOL. However after some disputes over dues he had parted ways with the channel.

Amir Liaquat as a TV celebrity

Liaquat had started off with his Religious show on Geo TV called “Alim Online” on which he invited various religious scholars and discussed matters from Islamic point of view. But then he was defamed by a cameraman who had taken video of him using inappropriate language with a religious scholar during break when the cameras are suppose to be turned off. The video spread like fire on social media, after which he had apologized but could not get the ratings of the show to go up again. After which he left Geo TV for another media house where he hosted various Ramadan Transmissions. He then got very famous for his antics on the show “Inam Ghar” which was an instant hit amongst local populace. He also invited celebrity guests and gave prices to the audience for participating in the game show.

Amir Liaquat had joined the BOL network where he had free hand to use his antics as a host of a show called Aisey Nahi Chalay Ga. Recently he had announced that he has joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, the first political party he has decided to join after leaving MQM. Now he will be back on BOL after his dispute for a special transmission on the occasion of Shab-e-Mairaj.


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