Imran Revealed Names Who Sold Votes in Senate Election 2018


Islamabad: Imran Khan, PTI Chairman, on Tuesday, uncovered the names of people who sold votes amid the Senate election.

The PTI chief, who was tending to a question and answer session in Islamabad stated, no one made any move on the purchasing and offering of votes amid the Senate election. Imran guaranteed that between 30-40 votes were sold in the Senate election.

Dina Naz, Nargis Ali, Fauzia Bibi, Khatoon Bibi, and Nasreen were named as the female officials who had exchanged votes.

Among the male officials who were discovered liable of exchanging votes amid the race of the Upper House of the Parliament were Ubaid Mayar, Sardar Idrees, Zahid Duranni, Qurban Khan, Abdul Haq, Amjad Afridi, Yasin Khali, Javed Bashir, Mairaj Humayun, Faisal Zaman, Wajih Uz Zaman and Babar Saleem.

A charge sheet will be issued to the legislators to look for a clarification of their activities, Imran stated, including that their names will likewise be sent to the National Accountability Burea (NAB).

Imran Khan challenged other parties to reveal names of their members. He further added that the examination council will offer evidence to NAB on how these officials were offered the bribe.


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