Pakistani Painter Video Went Viral Became Sensation


A talented Pakistani painter reveals that he has been waiting for a platform to showcase his singing talent. He said that he has been singing since past 12 years.

Pakistani painter video went viral on social media shortly after someone shared it.

Painter Muhammad Arif gave an interview where he revealed that, “I had been waiting for an opportunity to showcase my singing talent.”

The talented painter,  soon shot to fame after a Facebook page Akbar Tweets shared an 11-minute-long song video of him singing while painting walls. He shared that he had “travelled from Karachi to Rawalpindi to paint Akbar Bhai’s house”.

“He [Akbar (the guy who uploaded the video] was mesmerised and impressed when he heard me sing as I painted so he made a video and uploaded it on social media after informing me that he was posting it to share my talent,” Muhammad Arif added.

Pakistani painter video went viral on shortly after it was uploaded and has been praised by thousands even in India.

Here’s how people reacted to his video from across the border:<


  1. This Painter is big asset of Pakistan he must be awarded best geet and Pakistani terana and then publicised. His voice very strong and just need little control. He will bring lots of revenues to pakistan from organizing his singing session abroad.


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