Pakistan’s PK took to Roads in Karachi to Search Right Election Candidate


Pakistan’s PK, inspired from renowned Bollywood film PK is now been seen on streets of Karachi in search of right candidate who could solve public issues.

In order to gain public attention and put his message forward, Pakistan’s PK dressed like PK (popular character played by Aamir Khan) with the same title, took to the street in Karachi searching for the ‘right’ election candidate.

Speaking to the gathering of people outside Karachi Press Club he said,

“You will see a lot of wrong numbers on this gola (planet), but I am searching for the right number.”

Pakistan’s PK is wearing that same bright yellow helmet, loads of wooden bracelets around his wrists while sitting on a footpath with his old cassette recorder/player.

He was seen handing over yellow leaflets to anyone who approached him, either for a selfie or inquire who actually he is.

Pakistan’s PK has flyer with a one-word message: ‘Missing’, while ‘water, gas and power’ printed underneath alongside ‘emaandar hukumraaan’ (honest rulers). His message appealed for basic rights that every citizen should get from the people in power.

Explaining his purpose of taking this approach, Pakistan’s PK said, “I have started my search for the right number from today and two days before the elections I will share it with everyone. I am sure to have found it by then,” he said emulating the same accent as of the character played in the movie.

When asked about his comment on the government, Pakistan’s PK said: “The people who have been in power in this country for the last five years have been giving us phirki (making a fool of us) by giving us the wrong number.”

He also dismissed the impression that he is representing any political party.

This Pakistan’s PK is a TV host named Sharry Khan who frequently appears on different TV shows.


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