Singer Meesha Shafi Accused Ali Zafar for Sexual Harassment


Web Desk: Coke Studio famed Meesha Shafi revealed that Ali Zafar sexually harassed her on multiple occasions.

The artist took to social media to talk up about her experience expressing. She said that her heart does not enable her to be quiet any longer. she also used #MeToo in her tweet.

Meesha Shafi said that she has to speak about the sexual harassment as it will break the culture of silence in the society. She said that staying silent is harder than to speak against the problem.

Meesha Shafi said that she has much responsibility on her shoulder as a woman, mother, and a public figure. She always sensed that she should raise her voice to support and encourage the youth and especially young girls.

She further added that this can transpire like her, a built-up craftsman, at that point it can happen to any young lady planning to break into the business and that worries her gravely.

Meesha Shafi emphasized that these incidences not happen when she is entering the showbiz industry or the unknown figure. She further added that she faced this issue during the peak of my career. Meesha elaborated that if she became a victim regardless of my social status then the situation is definitely worse for common women.

Meesha Shafi’s Tweet

Here is her posted tweet on social media:

Meesha Shafi who has included noticeably in Coke Studio said that It has been a greatly horrible affair for her and her family. She further added that Ali is somebody she has known for a long time and somebody who has shared the phase with.

She gave a strong statement that she is ending this culture of quietness and she trusts that by doing that she is setting a case for young ladies in Pakistan to do likewise.


  1. Yeah! Meesha Shafi recently tweets about her sexual harassment experience, I was shocked when I listen the name of Ali Zafar because he is one the famous celebrity of Pakistan and renowned Pop singer. I think Ali Zafar should give the clarification about Meesha’s tweet.

  2. Now this is seriously alarming! A mother of two and established star is accusing another male star for sexual harassment. At this moment can’t say anything about it in clear words. Lets see what Ali Zafar has to say about it.

  3. This is nothing new in the industry, things like these happen all the time, but no one speaks out about it from fears of being bashed by the fans of the accused. But speaking out about these things is not easy, hopefully this will shine some light on the ill happenings in the industry. I am really shocked to hear about this since I had known from people Ali Zaffar was a really cool guy, but seems like one cannot judge so easily. At the same time I really appreciate Meesha’s step to bring this out.

  4. Just cannot understand where the world is going. Someone with such high credibility is accused for a horrifying crime like sexual harassment. Whatever the world says, Meesha Shafi has the guts to come upfront and speak about it. Only strong woman can do so! Ali Zafar need to speak about it otherwise his silence can be taken as his guilt.

  5. Unbelievable to hear that a gentle man like Ali Zafar has involve in such a mess, we should wait for his side of story before starting abusing him in social media.

  6. Unbelievable to heard that a gentle man like Ali Zafar has involve in such a mess, we should wait for his side of story before starting abusing him in social media.


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