Video of Dolphin Force Members Helping Bike Riding Girls Goes Viral


A video of Dolphin Force officials holding hands of two girls on a motorcycle in Lahore has gone viral.

According to news report, the girls’ motorcycle broke down and they sought help from Dolphin Force officials, who were passing by them.

In the viral video, a Dolphin Force member can be seen holding one of the girl’s hand in an attempt to pull the bike and help them reach their destination.

As the video went viral, some praised the actions of the police force while others criticized them.

Responding to the criticism, SP Dolphin Nadeem Khokar said, “The girls called for help on their own.”

SSP Khokar further added, “There is no gender discrimination when it comes to helping.”


  1. I think being a human it is the responsibility of every human without the difference of gender to help, we know that the Dolphin Force named common in such type of activities, feeling proud for this act of Dolphin Force.


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