100 Global Thinkers: PM Imran Khan listed in FP Magazine annual list


New York: Prime Minister Imran Khan achieved another milestone as he’s included in the 100 Global Thinkers list for 2019.

100 Global Thinkers 2019, the annual list of Foreign Policy or FP Magazine, included the name of PM Imran Khan.

FP Magazine revealed that in 2018, Imran Khan, the former cricketer, finally managed to get the job of Prime Minister that he long coveted. However, his reward was the such difficult-to-do list, that is beginning with the growing debt and fiscal crisis of Pakistan.

FP Magazine elaborated the revealed list as the special edition, as it is released for the 10th consecutive time. However, the full list of 100 releases will be released on Tuesday (tomorrow).

The magazine explained that the first group is based on those thinkers who had the great impact on the globe in last 10 years. However, the other groups are for persons who played the influential role last year: thinkers and doers 40 and under, as well as people in energy and climate, economics and business, activism and the arts, defense and security, technology, and science and health. On the other side, the magazine has the group of 10 great minds who died last year.

In October 2018, PM Imran Khan was listed among top 50 World’s Most Influential Muslims’ list.


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