Afghan Ceasefire: Pakistan joins China, Russia, US


Pakistan now also joined other countries that are interested in the Afghan ceasefire.

For Afghan ceasefire, Pakistan also joined with US, Russia and China. Pakistan was welcomed by the fellow countries for the consultation about the matter on brining peace in the region and believed that Pakistan will play an important role in facilitating stillness in Afghanistan.

In the meeting held in Beijing on Friday, Pakistan joins with the fellow country for putting up the efforts to bring peace and sustainability in the country by realizing their political situation.

Pakistan appreciated the efforts by China, Russia and US for looking into matter of bringing peace in the Afghan region.

A joint Statement was issued that said; the four countries “encouraged all parties to participate to reduce violence and make a path to permanent ceasefire that starts with intra-Afghan conciliation. They will also grab the opportunity on work in the peace and talk with Taliban, the Afghan government and the other Afghans.

The venue and the date about the next consultation meeting will be made through embassy channels.


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