Air India is suffering huge losses after Pakistan airspace closure


Air India is facing severe losses as the Pakistan airspace is closed due to the India-Pak war crises.

Pakistan airspace closure is adversely affecting Indian airlines as only Air India suffered the loss of INR 600 million. As per reports, on a single day, 400 flights were affected due to the closure of airspace. Among all airlines, Air India was most badly hit as it flew 33 weekly services to the United States and 66 to Europe. Majority of their routes flew through Pakistan airspace and several flights canceled or diverted after the ban.

Pakistan Airspace is closed since February 27, when Pakistan shot down 2 Indian aircrafts. According to sources, Air India flights travelling west can no longer use Pakistani airspace and need to swing across Gujrat and fly over the Arabian Sea to reach North America and Europe. The most problematic of these are Air India flights to US cities of New York, Washington, Newark and Chicago.

In addition, private Indian airlines, such as SpiceJet and Jet Airways have also had to cancel their flights between Kabul and Delhi.


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