Alicia Pucheta Will Be the First Woman President of Paraguay


Vice President Alicia Pucheta will become the first woman president in the history of Paraguay.

Alicia Pucheta will become the president due to the resignation of President Horacio Cartes. However, on Monday, he stepped down from his post to become the senator. Now, Alicia Pucheta will complete the former president’s tenure.

The parliament is expected to affirm Horacio Cartes’ abdication and announce Pucheta as the interim president on tomorrow.  Contradicted to the abortion legalization, Alicia Pucheta is from the conservative Colorado Party, which has been in control in Asuncion for quite a long time. However, Senator Desiree Masi said she doesn’t see Alicia Pucheta’s designation as a progress for ladies in Paraguay.

In any case, Lilian Samaniego, a representative from the Colorado Party, appreciated her promotion to the situation for instance to spur Paraguayan ladies to keep on fighting for genuine balance of chance with men. However, Paraguay has only eight ladies among its 45 legislators, and 11 among the 80 individuals from the lower house. Horacio Cartes’ renunciation had been normal since he was chosen to the Senate in the April decisions. The new congresspersons are to be confirmed on June 30.


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