Angela Merkel Saved Her Government With Migration Deal


Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel survived from a political turmoil after compromising on immigration deal.

Angela Merkel came back from the brink after she made immigration deal with the interior minister Horst Seehofer. In an important overnight meeting, she agreed on terms of Horst who threatened the end of her fragile coalition government.

In a statement, Angelena Merkel complimented the deal as a good compromise. However, Horst Seehofer withdrew the resignation threat and termed it as the worth fighting the convictions. Both leaders agreed to stricken border security. In addition, they also decided to build holding centers to do the fast processing of asylum seekers and the return of those who are rejected.

According to sources, they would either return back to European Union countries that earlier registered them or in case arrival countries will be return back to Austria as agreement with Vienna is still pending.


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