Another Rape Case in India Raised Fingers on Modi and Indian Justice


Mumbai: Another rape case of 11 year old girl is reported in India. It is the most recent in a series of cases that have started dissents the nation over.

Protests are sparked all over the country and people were demanding justice from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, Modi has promised to take an action against the culprits. He is also responsible to conduct elections in May 2019.

Activists blame specialists for neglecting to secure ladies and of moving too gradually to explore and capture culprits.

A few days ago, BJP’s lawmaker was arrested as his connection was found in the UP’s rape incident.

Protests Spread In India on Rape Cases

In Thiruvananthapuram, dissidents framed a human chain, while in Mumbai, hundreds, including film big names, required capital punishment for attackers. However, in New Delhi, they called for assault trials to be finished in a half year.

In Surat, where the most recent case occurred, men and ladies held a noiseless candlelight walk. Gujarat is Modi’s home state, where he was the Chief Minister from 2001 until the point when he took national office in 2014.

The postmortem report revealed the young lady had been choked and covered, with 86 indications of minor wounds, including rape, he said. However, some wounds were old.

India is Becoming a Hell for Women

According to the Indian Government’s data, India enrolled around 40,000 assault cases in 2016 which are more than 25,000 in 2012. Rights activists say thousands more go unreported.

Points of interest have likewise developed in a different instance of an eight-year-old Muslim young lady having a place with a traveling clan that meanders the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir who was captured, sedated and held in imprisonment as eight Hindu men brutally raped her.

The United Nations is also one of the international organizations that strongly condemned the prevailing issue.

“We are profoundly worried about the pervasiveness of sex-based savagery, including sexual viciousness against ladies and young ladies, which we are seeing in India,” Yuri Afanasiev, the UN occupant facilitator in India, said in an announcement a week ago.


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