Anti Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders converted to Islam


A former far-Right MP Geert Wilders has become a Muslim in a shock conversion.

Joram van Klaveren was an MP from for the far-right Party for Freedom (PVV) led by anti-Islam and anti-immigration firebrand Geert Wilders. Mr van Klaveren once horribly advocated Mr Wilders’ policies of banning the Koran and closing down mosques.

He discovered that he has more common things with Islam when he started researching about the book which was about criticising the religion which converted his views.

Mr van Klaveren said: “I looked at my Holy Book Bible on my bookshelf, on the table were books about the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

“The previous years I had a big aversion to Islam. When you come to know that you were wrong, it is not a fun moment. But while searching for God I always felt a certain difficulty. And that slowly disappeared. It felt a bit like coming home back in a religious way.”

He is not the first far-right Dutch politician to convert to Islam. Arnoud van Doorn, a former PVV official, previously made the change to Islam.

His Misconceptions

Mr van Klaveren, who grew up in a reformed protestant family, said that he was very sorry to present Islam in a wrong way to the people.

He said that the misconception of the Islam-critical book he initially planned to write has since been thrown into the bin and will be replaced by a book in which he will counter the arguments of critics of Islam.

Mr van Klaveren said that the research which he made as a far-Right MP that many of the problems in the country and the world can be blamed on Islam were false.

He said: “That was just the policy of the Party for Freedom: everything which was wrong had to be linked one way or another to Islam.”

Mr van Klaveren said he has studied and then converted to Islam. It is not a sudden decision.


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