Anwar, Tariq Mir, Threaten to Report Altaf Hussain to Scotland Yard


Two former senior leaders of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and confidantes of its founder, Altaf Hussain, have indicated to spill beans on the assassination of Dr Imran Farooq.

Former Rabita Committee members Muhammad Anwar and Tariq Mir in a legal letter sent to Altaf Hussain through his solicitor warned him of both police and public action.

Anwar and Mir have threatened Altaf Hussain that they will report their concerns to Scotland Yard. They will also hold a press conference to share all communications between them and the MQM founder.

Issuance of a Legal Letter:

The legal letter contains a reference to Dr Imran Farooq’s killing in September 2010 in Edgware and asks the MQM leader to stop the alleged “nefarious campaign” or else the matter will be reported to Scotland Yard which is investigating the killing of the former deputy convenor of the party.

“There is already a murder inquiry ongoing in UK and Pakistan,” says the letter in reference to Dr Imran Farooq’s killing.

The disputes between Mir, Anwar and the MQM founder pertains to two properties worth £2 million in Edgware of which Altaf Hussain is the legal beneficiary. The MQM founder wants the properties transferred to his name or anyone he nominates from his family or party. but Anwar and Mir are resisting his demand.

Anwar also confirmed: “We warned his [Altaf Hussain’s] solicitor that we would go public if he did not stop the nefarious campaign against us showing all the correspondence etc.”

“Our concern is the on-going HMRC inquiry. If Altaf Bhai’s solicitor’s guarantees to discharge all dues, arrears or penalties payable to HMRC, we would have no objection to transferring the properties to the beneficiary,” he added.

The Warning Letter Details:

The letter to the MQM founder alleges that he’s responsible for starting a “slanderous character assassination campaign against both of us” and “we are well aware of the methods of coercion and lies these people use to put pressure upon any opposition”.

The letter also demands “an end to the pack of lies” an apology. “Otherwise we will have no alternative but to take two steps: inform the Metropolitan Police that their false propaganda is a threat to our lives and our relatives in Pakistan. If any harm comes to them we will hold your clients responsible, there is already a murder inquiry on =going in UK and Pakistan; pass on all our correspondence to media in the UK and Pakistan,” it adds.

Land registry papers show that the two properties 185 and 221, 185 and 221 Whitchurch Lane, Edgware, have Anwar and Mir as the title holders for both properties, registered with the HMRC. However, the legal papers related to the same properties have Altaf Hussain and the MQM as the “beneficiaries” on the restrictions section. This means that the ultimate beneficiaries of these properties if sold or leased, will be the MQM founder and the MQM.

Anwar and Mir stress that they have no objection to transferring the properties to the beneficiaries provided they get an undertaking from Altaf Hussain’s solicitor that on the conclusion of the on-going HMRC investigation, all taxes due and penalties will be paid by the MQM founder.

Scotland Yard in relation to Dr Imran Farooq’s murder and their attendance interviewed Altaf Hussain, Anwar, Mir and several other MQM leaders  – and the police recorded the interviews.

The MQM leadership, according to a source, is of the view that it will stick to its rightful demand and will act within legal means.


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