Atleast 73 Dead and 200 are Missing as Gautemala Volcano Erupted


Alotenango: Several people are died and missing due to the eruption of the Gautemala Volcano.

Around 73 people are died and over 200 are missing as the Gautemala Volcano erupted on Sunday. As the volcanic activity increased when rescue operations were stopped, the seven communities in the already destroyed regions were evacuated. In Escuintla town on the hill, people rushed to their cars with panic, causing traffic jams. According to sources, 192 people have been missing since the eruption of the Gautemala Volcano.

The search for bodies in affected areas from the Gautemala Volcano was slow, officials had previously given the shape of the nature of the land and the volcano leaving a lot of boiling ash, stone, and mud down the mountain. The last of the 73 victims was a 42-year-old woman who died in hospital because she lost both her legs and her arm in a blow.

On Sunday, June 3, a volcano of 3,763 meters (12,346 feet) exploded and removed a full mud-filled portion of rising mold and hot rock fragments. Gautemala Fuego Volcano, found only 20 miles southwest of the capital, Guatemala City, shot steam five miles into the sky and thick dark smoke and fiery debris covered the region around the capital.

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