Brexit Vote: Divided UK prepares for the referendum


The British MPs are prepared for the historic Brexit vote and campaigns are also on full swing.

UK will decide about their future with the Brexit vote. However, the whole country is backing a campaign footing and divisions of 2016 referendum have also resurfaced.

Politico’s Jack Blanchard said that it really does feel as 2016 all over again. However, he said it while strong Brexit supporters are releasing message of clean break on Britain tours.

In the debate, different sides are urging people to make pressure on the respective MPs before the Brexit vote on December 11.

A group of Britons is hoping that the confusion created if and when MPs reject May´s deal will ultimately lead to a second referendum. However, it is despite the denial by Theresa May.

In July, Free-trade deals that threaten to undermine institutions like the NHS have drawn mass protests elsewhere. A long-negotiated EU-Canada trade pact was staring at political defeat in Europe.


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