British PM Theresa May refused to rule out no deal Brexit


London: British Prime Minister Theresa May refused to exclude the no deal Brexit on Monday (yesterday).

The possibility of ruling out from no deal Brexit is declined by British PM Theresa May. However, she sought to break the deadlock by Parliament over Brexit. On the other side, the aim is to seek relaxation from the EU on the plan for the prevention of custom checks at the border of Ireland.

Earlier, EU Brexit divorce deal was rejected by lawmakers after about 2 years of negotiation. However, frustrated EU leaders think that the agreement they signed with PM Theresa May in November 2018 is the most suitable way to avoid the hard Brexit.

EU leaders cautioned the alliance would stay joined together if Theresa May now comes looking for more concessions to help her pitch the understanding to the British MPs and voters.

In July last year, Free-trade deals that threaten to undermine institutions like the NHS have drawn mass protests elsewhere. A long-negotiated EU-Canada trade pact was staring at political defeat in Europe.


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