British Police Found Bag Containing £20,000, Now Looking for Owner in Telford


British Police Found Bag With £20,000, And Are Now Looking for Owner in Telford

On Wednesday, the British police authorities are currently scouting for the owner of a bag with £20,000, which was found in Wellington without an owner, authorities said in a Twitter post.

The bag was initially found by a Local Policing Priority Team of the West Mercia Police, located in a small town in Telford and Wrekin, and found that it had contained paper bundles of £10 and £20 notes.

“We have some good news for whoever lost more than £20k in Wellington yesterday. We’ve found the bag of money you lost, we’re pretty sure you’ll want it back so please get in contact,” the LPPT tweeted in yesterday’s post.

“You can either pop in and see us for a chat or call us either way we’re here waiting for you,” they added.


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