California Wildfires Death Toll Increases as 130 Victims Still Missing


California Wildfires Death Toll Increases as 130 Civilians Still Missing

On Wednesday, the death toll of California wildfires rose up to 59, making it the deadliest fires in the state. The authorities later released a list of 130 people who had gone missing in the fire.

The “Camp Fire” which erupted last week, had spread across 135,000 acres (54,632 hectares) of land, ultimately targeting many homes as well as homes for the elderly and hospitals.

Kory Honea, Butte County Sheriff, said, “Beginning Thursday, anyone who believes a family member perished can provide a DNA sample to the sheriff’s office”.

Paradise, which is a town of around 26,000 people living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, was mainly filled with retirees and many of them have gone missing. Their ages range from 70s to 90s, according to reports.

At least 59 people have been reported dead by the authorities.

“We are in the midst of a catastrophe. The fire was unprecedented, overwhelming, so a lot of people got caught,” said Governor Jerry Brown.

According to Sheriff Honea, 47 out of the 56 human bodies found dead have been identified.


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