Canada Heat Wave 2018: Death Toll climbs to 54


Montreal: The death toll reached to 54 due to the intense Canada Heat Wave.

The Canada Heat Wave up till killed at least 54 people. However, most of the casualties are reported in Montreal where 28 people lost their lives. In addition, other casualties are reported in the southwest region of the French-Canadian province.

Earlier, Environment Canada forecasted that the temperature will be 35 Degree Celsius but it will feel like 45 Degree Celsius.

The temperature is significantly rising from the last week. It does not go below 30 Degree Celsius since June 29. However, most of the causalities in Montreal were men with age 50 and above, who were living in vulnerable conditions.

The neighboring region Ontario is also facing high temperatures but no death is reported yet. In 2010, around 100 people lost their lives in Montreal due to the extreme weather conditions.


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