Christchurch suspect bought weapons online, gun store owner revealed


The gun shop owner in New Zealand revealed that the suspect accused in the Christchurch attacks bought weapons online.

In the New Zealand mosque shooting, the suspect bought weapons online, as revealed by the store owner. He further added that he did not sell him the weapon that was used in New Zealand mosque attacks.

Some strange messages were also written on the gun used in New Zealand mosque shooting. According to sources, Australian Brenton Tarrant, 28, a suspected white supremacist, was charged with murder on Saturday. Tarrant was remanded without a plea and is due back in court on April 5 where police said he was likely to face more charges.

David Tipple, Gun City owner, revealed that the alleged gunman bought 4 weapons and ammunition between December 2017 and March 2018. He said that MSSA used by him not bought from Gun City. He further added that he supported Ardern’s call for gun law reforms as the Christchurch shootings had raised legitimate concerns.

50 people including nine Pakistanis were died in the New Zealand mosque shooting on Friday.


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