Deadly Chemical Gas Attack Leaves Several Casualties in Syria


BEIRUT: Chemical gas attack in Eastern Ghouta town leaves hundreds of people killed and injured. Russian backed Syrian government has denied any chemical attack launched.  According to government, rebels in state of Ghouta are in state of panic and are spreading false rumors. Washington demands an immediate international response if the reports of attack are accurate.

Several Casualties in Barbaric Chemical Gas Attack

Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) confirms 41 casualties so far, whereas, other reports believes that the death toll can rise higher. Civil defense rescue service claims that 150 people have been killed.

Reports of chemical attack cannot be confirmed by now. However, video has been circulating showing dozens of dead women, men, and children with foam in their mouth. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims that there are no strong evidence to prove that chemical weapons were used. Observatory Director Rami Abdulrahman confirmed 11 deaths in Douma as a result of suffocation caused by the smoke from conventional weapons. It also states that a total of 70 people suffered breathing problems.

Some medical relief organization believes that a chlorine bomb hit Douma hospital that results in six deaths while another attack with “mixed agents” had hit a nearby building. Basel Termanini, the vice president of SAMS, confirmed another 35 deaths at the nearby apartment building, most of them comprise of women and children. U.N., U.S. government and the European governments are being contacted in this regard.

Syrian state news agency SANA claims that the rebel group in Douma, Jaish al-Islam is responsible for “chemical attack lies in a failed attempt to obstruct advances by the Syrian Arab army.

The United States has contacted Russia to end this sheer support immediately and work for peace and harmony and prevent the world from harmful chemical weapon attack. The Syrian government has repeatedly denied using any sort of chemical weapons during the conflict.


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