Delicious Wife: France’s President Complimented Australian PM’s Wife


Sydney: Emmanuel Macron, France’s President, complimented Australian PM’s wife Lucy Turnbull by saying “delicious wife”.

He thanked Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and her wife for the warm welcome during his official visit. In addition, Emmanuel Macron, complimented Lucy Turnbull for the food and wine by complimenting her “delicious wife”.

The remark lit up web-based social networking, supplanting exchange about the pioneers’ thoughts on more profound issues, for example, China’s developing impact in the locale.

He may have had “delicieux” as a primary concern, which, however sounding like “delicious,” would better convert into “delightful” or “adorable”. While all the more regularly used to depict a food item, “delicieux” can likewise portray a person, regardless of whether it is a to some degree antiquated use.

In spite of the fact that Macron talks preferable English over a few of his forerunners and regularly talks the dialect when abroad, his lone experience of living in an English-talking nation is a half year in the French Embassy. However, Macron is a first government official to give controversial remarks. A year ago, US President Donald Trump commended French first woman Brigitte Macron for being in “such great shape” on his official visit to France.


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