Donald Trump Female Lookalike Just Found in Spain


Pictures of a woman got viral who has much resemblance to Donald Trump.

The Spanish female farmer has an unbelievable resemblance to the US President. Dolores Leis Antelo became a celebrity on the internet when her pictures were shared on the social media. She is a 60-year-old woman and belongs from La Coruna, Spain.

In a picture, she is seen visible with a hoe and her pose resembles Donald Trump on the golf field. She said that my photo became popular because of her hair color. In a picture, her complexion looks much similar to Donald Trump. Ana, Dolores’s daughter also showed her excitement that she is imagining that what would happen if they were part of the Trump’s family.

Dolores’s Reaction

However, Dolores does not know much about the internet and social media. She does not even have her own smartphone. In addition, she spent her all life in a small town in Spain. Dolores said that she is not curious about her picture but her daughter said that her picture will make her famous. She further added that she did not get her’s daughter opinion about the picture.


  1. Lol! I heard there must be seven faces of human at a time in the World and the similarity of this photo between the Trump and the female also proves that it must be true.


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