Dooh-Laan Trump�: Modi�s speech blunder went viral on the internet

US President Donald Trump is in India for a two-day visit and just a few hours after landing his name has been connected well with, human anatomy On the first day during his speech in a joint rally Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi describe Trump as a good friend but after that he made blunder and mispronounced his name as �Dooh-Laan Trump�.

The video of PM Modi went viral on the internet and as per expectation, memers bombarded the social sites with funny memes featuring PM Modi gaffe.

With such trips, you predict planning on financial development, not dying on a complete trade with a single blow. The comedians of India should have pay attention to their parent’s advice and become a doctor.

It does give the impression that Trump�s speak of peace between Pakistan and India made Indian Prime Minister a bit passive-aggressive.

It was not only Modi who took liberties during his speech but Trump also called Modi as �Chai Wala� as he mentioned the Indian PM�s old profession.

However, Trump still doesn�t beat Modi�s gaffe power.

Shahzaib Dyer
Shahzaib Dyer
Shahzaib is content writer with over five years of professional experience. He is creative, hardworking, and possess extensive research skills. Being analytical in approach is highly reflected in his writing.


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