Dozen Russian spies charged with meddling in US elections


Grand federal Jury on Friday charged 12 Russian spies on hacking the networks of 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The prosecution, anchored by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his examination relating to Russian implications in the 2016 electoral politics, ahead of President Donald Trump meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin for a summit in Helsinki.

It was the most pertinent US allegation yet that Russia interfered in the elections 2016 with the possible point of attempting to help Republican Trump’s crusade. Russia denies meddling.

“The indictment charges 12 Russian military officers by name with conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told a news conference.

In February, Mueller charged 13 Russians and three Russian organizations have attempted to meddle in the polls. That prosecution said the Russians received false online personas to push troublesome messages, headed out to the United States to gather insight and arranged political revitalizes while acting like Americans.

By the arraignment, the Russian provided direct assistance for the US Congress, who in August 2016 asked for and got from “Guccifer 2.0” archives stolen from the DCCC about their rival.
The affiliation and the identity of the candidate were not ascertained.


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