Earthquake in California: US State hit by strongest shock in 25 years


The terrible earthquake in California shook the US state on Thursday.

The recent earthquake in California damaged several buildings and caused fire at some places. According to USGS or US Geological Survey, it was a quake with 6.4 magnitude that hit about 182 km (113 miles) northeast of Los Angeles near the city of Ridgecrest. On the other side, the Kern County Fire Department revealed that they were dealing with several injuries and two house fires, small brush fires and gas leaks.

Peggy Breeden, the Ridgecrest’s Mayor, revealed that she had declared a state of emergency. On the other side, Gavin Newsom, the California’s Governor approved the emergency proclamation. According to sources, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital was being evacuated. However, patients were shifted to other places so they can remain safe from aftershocks.

Paul Caruso, the USGS’s geophysicist, revealed that the earthquake in California is the dangerous since 1994.


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