Earthquake in Japan: 11 killed, several injured and missing in Hokkaido


Tokyo: A powerful earthquake in Japan hit Hokkaido today and caused a massive destruction.

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Japan killed at least 11 people while several are injured and missing in Hokkaido. The earthquake triggered land sliding and results in the collapse of buildings.

Several landslides hit the sparsely populated countryside that was also earlier struck by the powerful Typhoon Jebi. A large number of houses destroyed at hill’s bottom engulfed by the landslide. In addition, about 3 million homes lost power due to the earthquake in Japan.

On September 4, Typhoon Jebi hit and it was one of the deadliest typhoons in Japan in last 25 years. Typhoon Jebi hit Japan by bringing heavy rainfall and violent winds that also prompted evacuation warnings. Winds up to 135 miles (216 kilometers) per hour, caused landfall around midday in western Japan were observed. However, some areas are still trying to recover from the deadly rain a few months ago.

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