EU and India to recontinue free trade talks after nine years


European Union and India recommenced their dialogue on Monday for a free trade deal after nine years of an initial pause. India has reduce trade barriers in the present days. And is seen visible in International forums arranging agreements with various countries.

However, it does refuse to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. India has been increasing its oil production from Russia. In past, India has enjoyed friendly ties with European Union by being the second trading partner after the United States. In 2013, the ties deplored between the two when the coalition broke regarding issues related to patent protection and tariff reductions. 

India’s commerce ministry said in one of its talks in Delhi. That both are aiming for trade to be “broad, balanced and comprehensive”. Further, it added, all the issues regarding market access will follow discussions. In recent times, the United Arab Emirates and India have signed an economic pact with India and have also agreed on a free trade deal with Australia. India’s positioning in world trade can be placed fairly active. It has been on the urge for trade discussion with Canada, Israel, and Britain.


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