EU President Donald Tusk: With Friends Like Trump, Who Needs Enemies


Sofia: The European Union President Donald Tusk criticized the US President Donald Trump. He said that you do not need enemies if Donald Trump is your friend.

EU President Donald Tusk said that President Donald Trump behaved much like an enemy than a friend. He also suggested leaders meeting in Bulgaria to create the United European Front. However, aim is to reply Donald Trump’s move to put trade tariffs on Europe and withdrawal from Iranian Nuclear Deal.

Donald Tusk even contrasted the US organization with Europe’s conventional adversaries Moscow and Beijing as he propelled his broadside before a supper of the 28 pioneers in Sofia where they examined the issue.

The transoceanic crack has commandeered the plan of a summit on Thursday at which the EU pioneers will meet their Balkan partners in an offer to cultivate nearer ties and keep Russia out of their ground.

European ministers met with Iranian Officials in Brussels on Tuesday in an offer to spare the Iranian atomic accord after Trump chose to haul out. In the interim, the EU is as yet attempting to win exclusions from levies on steel and aluminum sends out. Donald Tusk called for greater solidarity in the partitioned EU – which is set to lose Britain as a part one year from now – to confront the developing difficulties.


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