Ex US President George HW Bush Admitted in Hospital at Maine


The former United States President George HW Bush, was admitted to the healthcare facility in Maine.

According to sources, George HW Bush was suffering from fatigue and low blood pressure. However, he is the oldest living ex US President. Jim McGrath, the family spokesperson, said that the former president will likely stay for a few days for observation. However, he was admitted at Southern Maine Health Care.

George HW Bush was hospitalized in Texas a month ago for treatment of a disease that spread to his blood. However, the disease further remained there for about two weeks. He was admitted to the healing center a day after he went to the burial service of his significant other, Barbara, the previous first woman who left the world on April 17. The couple had been hitched for a long time.

On Saturday, George HW Bush went to an American Legion occasion in Kennebunkport, Maine to observe the Memorial Day with military veterans and his previous national security adviser Brent Scowcroft. However, he is the father of previous Republican President George W. Bush, who served for two terms, and previous Florida Governor Jeb Bush.


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