Flood in India and Bangladesh Killed Several People, Million are Displaced


Guwahati/Dhaka: A deadly flood in India and Bangladesh took lives of several people and displaced more than million people.

The flood in India and Bangladesh caused by heavy monsoon rains that eventually made huge destruction in both countries. The Brahmaputra River, which streams starting from the Himalayas to India and after that through Bangladesh, has blasted its banks, overwhelming in excess of 1,500 towns in Assam in the previous week.

Keshab Mahanta, Assam’s Water Resources Minister, revealed that the climate office is determining more rain and thunderstorms in the following 48 hours. He further added that the government is on high alert and the armed force had put helicopters on reserve, on the off chance that they were required for salvages.

The flood in India killed about 20 individuals and displaced around 800,000 in the Indian regions of Assam, Tripura and Manipur. India’s Central Water Commission revealed that the water level in the Brahmaputra River is relied upon to ascend until the point that the finish of the week and afterward level off, without all the more substantial rain. Flood in Bangladesh killed around 11 individuals and 250,000 are affected or displayed because of the deadly flood.


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