French Citizenship Denied to Muslim Woman for Refusing Handshake


France’s most noteworthy authoritative court has denied a French citizenship to an Algerian Muslim who declined to shake hands with authorities amid her citizenship function.

The lady contended that her religious convictions kept her from shaking hands with a senior authority directing the citizenship function in the southeastern Isere region, and additionally with a neighborhood lawmaker.

However, the legislature said her conduct indicated she was not compatible with the French people group – one reason it can conjure under the common code to restrict French citizenship for the mate of a French national.

The lady, who has been hitched to a Frenchman since 2010, claimed the April 2017 choice, calling it a power abuse. Be that as it may, the Council of State, the court of last interest in such issues, administered the government had not dishonorably connected the law.

The Prevailing Hatred Against Muslims

The hatred and extremism towards Islam and Muslims are increasing day by day. The United States, Britain, and France are already conducting air strikes on Syria. A few days back, some people in the United Kingdom announced 3rd April as a day to conduct threatening activities against Muslims. They named the day “Punish a Muslim Day”. They circulated promotional images and letters over the internet and social media.


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