Germany expells former Osama bin Ladin bodyguard to Tunisia


Germany deports Tunisian man who said to the bodyguard of Osma bin Laden once. Sami, 42-year old, had been living in Germany with his family since 1997. He was put on a departure from Düsseldorf, regardless of a German court decision against his expelling.

The faxed court choice achieved the specialists past the point where it is possible to prevent Sami A from being extradited, a court official said.
Sami had contended that he could be tormented if sent back to Tunisia.

He was kept before the end of last month after the movement experts had chosen he could be expelled.  The Gelsenkirchen court had maintained his allure against that choice.

“I can affirm that Sami was sent back to Tunisia at the beginning of today and handed over to Tunisian authorities,” said interior ministry reps Annegret Korff, cited by AFP.

Least Three 9/11 suicide pilots were members of an al-Qaeda cell based in Hamburg, northern Germany.

Witness testimony from German anti-terror trial in 2005, records that Sami A served for several months in 2000 as one of Bin Laden’s bodyguards in Afghanistan. He denies that, but judges in Düsseldorf believed the testimonies. Sami A was investigated for alleged al-Qaeda links in 2006, but he was not charged. He had obtained temporary permit to reside in Germany back in 1999 and had also taken many technological courses later on in 2005 had moved to Bochum.


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