Hindu Extremists Spread Tensions By Placing A Statue In The Mosque


Hyderabad Deccan: Hindu extremists tried to spread tensions by placing a statue in the mosque in India.

However, the attempt to spread tension in a mosque in India by Hindu extremists has been failed. According to the Indian media, around 400 years old mosque was targetted to spread religious tensions between Hindus and Muslims. As soon as the incident was reported, police officials reached the spot and removed the statue from Masjid. However, the Majlis Khawaja Movement demanded a rigorous action against the suspects.

According to the sources, the local youth reported being place a statue in the mosque. Kausar Mohi Uddin, local community representative was also informed of the situation so that the situation could be kept in control. Policemen were deployed in the area while FIR was registered against 5 participants Bair Singh, Yoginder Singh, Krishna Singh, Nainan Singh and Magdai. Police say five men entered the mosque and performed Hindu rituals after placing the statue.


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