Hurricane Michael: At Least 30 Dead By the Storm, According to Estimates


Hurricane Michael: Estimates Reveal Death Toll Hike Up to 30

Estimates on Tuesday reveal at least 30 people killed by Hurricane Michael in four states, as the storm crossed the southeastern United States last week.

Among the 30 bodies recovered, twelve were found in Bay County, Florida, said Sheriff Tommy.

The Category 4 storm became stronger and fell along the Gulf of Mexico coastline in Florida, with winds of up to 155 miles (250 kilometers) an hour. Apart from that, one person was found dead in Georgia, three in North Carolina and six bodies were recovered in Virginia.

Up till now, Hurricane Michael left destruction in during its tenure in Florida, and the government authorities fear that the death toll can still raise as the search operations still continue in heavily destroyed areas.

Evacuation orders were already made by the officials days before the storm’s strength was predicted. However, according to some sources, a few residents stayed behind to see if they can “ride out the storm”.

On Tuesday, it was reported that nearly 137,000 homes in Florida, as well as shops and restaurants were still without power, and lack of water and food distribution was still a major concern in most areas throughout the state.

While many jurisdictions implemented curfews for the residents, most schools will remain closed until further notice.


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