India, China Leaders Improve Relations After Border Conflict


China and India will meet at the Summit on today.

Indian PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping are going to improve the relations between their countries that were got tensed after the last year’s border conflict. Xi Jinping will host Modi in an informal summit that will be held in Wuhan, China. However, the summit will be held on Friday and Saturday.

China and India have a long history of conflict although the Himalaya dispute has been resolved. In addition, India also showed its concern over the Beijing´s Belt and Road initiative.

The summit is a well-planned attempt by New Delhi to improve the bilateral relations with China. Lu Kang, Chinese spokesperson said that both countries are agreed for the informal meeting that will assist us to discuss all key issues in a friendly environment. He further added that Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping have a great personal friendship and working relationship.


  1. It does not matter what Indian leader doing to improve there relationship but I think its a good sign for the subcontinent states to bring some positive step for peace.


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